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Equipment production for washing facades of buildings up to 21 meters high

buy from the manufacturer - earn from 500 000 rubles per month

Test drive is available, sign up:

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The 3-rd generation of the equipment includes experience of more than 13 years of work

Protective frame

Aluminum frame, protects vital parts of the device from damage, prolongs service life and reduces the cost of ownership

Connect from 2 to 4 operators

Мощности достаточно для работ от 2-х до 4-х операторов одновременно. Рациональная организация работ - позволяет мыть те же объёмы в 2-3 раза быстрее

9 liters of purified water per minute

The device is equipped with 2 reverse osmosis membranes. The volume of purified water is much larger and allows two operators to perform the final wash at once.

Range up to 100 meters from one connection point

+ easy to change the dislocation of the brigade - the weight of the device is only 90 kg, the dimensions allow you to put it in the hatchback compactly

From 2000 square meters per day

Wash facades(glass, tile, metal, plaster, brickwork, painted surfaces, etc.) very fast without loss of quality

Measurement of water hardness at each stage

Qualitative water treatment of demineralized water - absence of traces from drops and stains on various facade materials at any atmospheric pollution


The business model with an immediate payback!

Leave Your contact if you want to know more about this business model. The Manager will contact You and advise on the start of the business.

Possible configurations and prices

The cost is given for the equipment itself, without taking into account additional options - the equipment is selected individually, depending on Your needs

Elephant MINI

114 000 ₽

The machine by one operator, more than a hobby for the owners than for the professional cleaners. 

The maximum height of the application 

up to 15-16 meters. 

Suitable for small buildings: 

 -2-3-x-storey business centers; 

private house.

Elephant 3.2

340 000 ₽

The industrial machine is a real hard worker. On 2+ operators. The maximum height of the application 

up to 20-25 meters.

We work with such a device in Moscow. In season, we close 3,000 square meters daily, without breakdowns and downtime. A reliable device that will not let you down.

Elephant 3.1

280 000 ₽

Elephant-3 "the minimum". On the 1+ operator. Maximum application height up to 20-25 meters.

Also reliable and has all the useful options. We advise you to take this unit if you plan to work as a small team and wash up to 2,000 meters of facades per day.

Our clients

they have already evaluated the quality of services for washing facades machine Elephant-3

Мерседес Бенц
Международная Авиационная Академия
Можайский двор
Леруа Мерлен
Завод Данон

Carbon poles

Best price per meter of length - up from 7 612 rubles

Related equipment

Important details for work

Carbon pole 1.55 meters

The price is valid for orders up from 6 pieces

11 800 ₽

Carbon pole 1.55 meters

The price is valid if you order less than 6 pieces

13 500 ₽

Brush head standard 40 cm

Perfect for primary washing of the facade or glass

16 300 ₽

Brush head extra long 40 cm

Очень удобно использовать на фасадах зданий, где окна углублены внутрь фасада

17 300 ₽

Coat head standard 40 cm

Designed for glass finishing washing (textile part is easy to change)

8 250 ₽

Coat head extra long 40 cm

For glass washing recessed into the facade (textile part is easy to change)

9250 ₽

Double water-lifting pipe 50 meters

The diameter of the tube is 8 mm, an excellent solution - you can supply water and detergent at the same time or double the pressure of purified water

6 700 ₽

Ion exchange resin 25 l

Designed for finishing, fine water purification after reverse osmosis membrane. consumption - 5 l (Elephant-3.2) on ~ 4 000 m2

17 500 ₽

Pump station for 12 Bar

Designed to create additional pressure in the system. Perfect for the Elephant MINI, increasing the maximum height of objects available for washing

21 500 ₽

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