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Want to know about the WFP method?

The business model with an immediate payback!

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Watch - facade and glass washing process using WFP

It'seasy to work - 1 or 2 workers are enough. Watch video:

washing glass of trade center

washing glass and facade of Mercedes Benz autocenter

washing glass and facade of International  Aviation Academy "BOEING"

"Elephant-3" - the Golden mean in the market of WFP equipment


The device differs from cheaper domestic analogues in quality of a design, Assembly and reliability. Be sure - this is industrial equipment, which works for 3-4 months without stopping.

Imported analogues are not only inferior to Elephant in characteristics, but also much more expensive. And the delivery time varies from 2 to 3 months. Your "Elephant" will be ready for delivery in 10 days after payment. This speed of delivery allows you to buy elephant for specific objects, from 15 000 sq. m. - it is 3 or 4 medium-sized malls or business centers

  • Possible number of operators - 2 to 4 people
  • Damage protection-aluminum frame, reliable protection of vital parts of the device during operation
  • Reverse osmosis membranes - 2 PCs
  • Ion exchange resin - 5 liters

Warning - prices are only for machines. If we consider a complete set of equipment-apparatus + poles + brushes, etc., the total cost of a set of the "Elephant" is always less than that of competitors

Test drive is available at:

 Odintsovo, vnukovskaya st. 5

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